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Trigger Point Therapy

You recognize those unusual knots or cricks in your neck, shoulders, or back that appear out of nowhere? Trigger Points are what they’re called. A trigger point is a tight spot in your muscle tissue that can produce discomfort throughout your body. Sharp, violent spasms or a dull diffuse aching could be the result. They’re a pain in either case. Our Trigger Point Therapy takes care of them.

How Does It Work?

Trigger Point Therapy is a treatment that entails injecting a holistic solution directly into the patient’s trigger point or pain site. The knot is broken up, and the discomfort is relieved, with this remedy. It works by loosening muscular knots and providing better blood flow to the chronically spasmodic areas. As a result, the affected areas start to heal. There is typically a rapid and noticeable reduction in pain, tightness, and discomfort, as well as the beginning of long-term relief as soon as the knots are loosened.

Is This Therapy Right For Me?

Our therapist will assist you in identifying the source of your issue. They may begin by guiding you through some deep breathing exercises, followed by alternating pressure and release cycles to help loosen up those tense muscles. After just one Trigger Point Therapy session, you may notice a considerable reduction in minor aches and pains, but continuing sessions may better improve such  conditions.

Treatment Benefits

Decreases Headaches
Improves Flexibility
Reduces Pain
Improves Posture

Pricing & Rates

Duration Price
Trigger Point Therapy 60 min $110.00
Trigger Point Therapy 90 min $165.00